Foreign and Familiar
Album by Jukebox the Ghost: “Safe Travels”

Album by Jukebox the Ghost: “Safe Travels”

Album by Jukebox the Ghost: “Jukebox the Ghost”

Album by Jukebox the Ghost: “Jukebox the Ghost”




Dear tumblr darlings:

I am totally stoked to tell you that my new EP, Slack Tide, is now available to preorder (along with a lot of other totally rad things) exclusively from Pledge Music:

You can learn more by watching the video above, which I created with my bare hands (and Netflix’s “Fireplace For Your Home”) to tell you all about it. My mission while making this EP was to strip things down a bit, and though there are some big spacey swoops here and there, I think it’s safe to call this recording rather intimate. The material includes a new song, a few reinterpretations of JOY songs you might know, and a cover of a favorite song of mine.

Enough from me though! Have a look at the campaign, tell me how you feel about it, and thank YOU for being a part of things.

xo Jenny

LISTEN. This is important and also let me tell you an insider tip… the companion booklet that goes with the EP is the single most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


fucking fireplace tv

Jenny is doing a thing. View that thing here. Be happy.

Jenny is doing a thing. View that thing here. Be happy.

New music video for The Great Unknown is up! Things flying in the air film a bunch of happy losers.


some beautiful pictures of ben’s face


This EP was recorded at a live comedy-ish set performed at Pete’s Candy Store (Brooklyn, NY) on August 29th, 2014. I try out lots of different kinds of songs when I play solo, but the purpose of this EP is to highlight the ones that would otherwise never find a home because they are simply TOO DUMB. To answer some questions you might have while listening:

• I don’t do drugs
• I have never murdered anyone and if I did I wouldn’t write a song about it
• I don’t see monsters under my eyelids
• I don’t think babies are horrible shrieking aliens (usually)
• I have no plans to move to Norway
• I am not a redneck (but am willing to sell songs to any redneck takers)

Hope you enjoy!
 : Live at Pete’s Candy Store by Tommy Siegel

Tommy Siegel - AMERICA
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Check out the full EP here !!

where can i pre order jukebox's album in hard copy???

As of right now, i think you can only preorder on iTunes. And it looks like their site is down?? So I dont think thats even an option yet because they’re kind of not good at this.

In case you forgot what the cutest couple in the world looked like.